Join the first professional cooking course of Italian cuisine in Africa

Come and join in the first Italian Food Academy, where everyone can learn cooking true Italian style followed by an Italian chef known nationwide. Whether you’re an amateur or professional with a passion for Italian cuisine, you can’t get a more authentic education anywhere else: the school offers professional courses for both amateurs and young chefs who want to learn the art of Italian cuisine.

Residential Courses

Our 3-month residential course in Nairobi.

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Residential Courses

You will attend our Italian cuisine course at our school in Nairobi at Utawala.

You will become a professional chef in italian cuisine in 3 months, learning about 100 recipes.

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Our classes are held in a modern kitchen with practical method, offering the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the study of Italian tradition and cuisine.
Thanks to the collaboration of Italian chefs, we have a database of more than 100 recipes of typical dishes from all over Italy.
Have a look at these samples to understand what you will be taught about.

Have a look at these samples to understand what you will be taught about.

Job placement

Thanks to our awesome courses in Italian food preparation and thanks to our official certificate, you will be able to easily enter in the Food and Beverage industry as a professional chef specialised in Italian cuisine.

As lots of Kenyan restaurants, lodges and resorts are offering Italian food choices in their menus, the demand for quality Chefs specialised in Italian cuisine has increased in the past few years.

​Our courses are structured so to give you the best practice in Italian food preparation and to share Italian culture with you.

We have prepared a big data base of all Kenyan restaurants that are looking for Italian cooks. We will help you to apply for internships and stages to train yourself and hopefully get a job in the tourism industry.

About us

Alice for Children by Twins International, an Italian NGO, with three primary schools in slums and two children’s homes in Kenya, has developed the Italian Food Academy as a tool to give kids the possibility to find a job in the grey area of Kenyan wide unemployment.

Now after two year of success of the Academy, we have developed an official school directed to Kenyan professionals or amateurs.

Alice Italian Food Academy is a real chance to learn a job and gain economic and social independency.

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Residential courses

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