Italian food is known all over the world for its special tastes and unique dishes. During the courses you will have the possibility to explore the secrets and beauties of Italian cuisine.

Thanks to our partnership with Carlo Porta Food and Beverage Institute – one of the most important Italian cooking school in Italy – Il Cucchiaio d’Argento – one of the most popular cookbooks and website of traditional home-cooking Italian dishes – and Federation of Italian chefs, we have created a complete curriculum. The quality and level of teaching and curricula will be carefully followed and monitored, thanks to a constant exchange of views about teaching and thanks to the presence on the field of Carlo Porta Food and Beverage Institute’s teachers

Buy our 40 lessons, almost 20 minutes each, to learn how to be a professional chef specialised in Italian cuisine and to cook Italian dishes.

You will know Italian cuisine’s ingredients and which Kenyan ingredients can replace them.

You will learn how to recognise different kinds of Pasta and how to prepare your homemade fresh Pasta.

You will be able to cook Pasta “al dente”.

You will learn how to make Italian first courses, from Spaghetti to Lasagne, and also entrances, second courses and desserts. Almost 5 complete menus.

You will learn how to match the right wine to each course and how to buy ingredients, to store food and to keep your kitchen clean.

We will teach you the best of Italian cuisine thanks to our top chefs’ classes on:

How to know ingredients and where to find them

How to make fresh pasta

How to prepare pizza and focaccia

How to build up an Italian menu

How to serve dishes

How to set a table

How to choose wines and where to find them

How to keep your kitchen clean

How to prepare food safely

How to store food to keep it fresh

How to introduce yourserlf as Italian chef

How to prepare five complete Italian menus

During our online classes, you could get in touch with our school in Nairobi, to share comments, suggestions and be involved in the “Italian Mood”

At the end of the course, you can have an exam to get your recognised certificate of attendance.

You can easily enjoy our 40 lessons e-program on nearly any device – laptop, smartphone or tablet – simply by heading to our website and platform with your Id and password.

Fees & Costs


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Lessons will be available starting from May 2020

You can choose the date of your exam in Nairobi among these options: August 30th, September 30th, October 30th

The cost of your journey in Nairobi is not included in the fee and you must provide for it. We can accommodate you in Nairobi at a very reasonable price for the days of the examinations