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In Kenya 46,1% of people live below the poverty line and child labour still affects 26% of children between 5 and 14 years old. 

In Nairobi, in particular, 60% of people live in 110 slums, which lack of hygienic services, drinkable water, electricity and where there are open-air dumps and open sewers. Korogocho and Dandora slums grow up next to one of the biggest African dumpsites, where people and especially children scavenge for plastic and things to re-sell. Here the emergency is permanent.


Kenya is an “in-transition” country, rich in opportunities and great challenges, but also extremely poor, as all Central-East Africa is. Investments in the country are increasing, but more than 60% of young people still don’t have a job.


For all the reason above, after the development of three primary schools and two children’s homes, we had the idea of trying and bringing a great change: an Italian food school in Kenya, aimed to slums’ children’s professional future.


An ambitious choice, but we immediately found the help of sponsors and companies, which now are supporting the Alice Italian Food Academy project. 

This is not just a project for vulnerable boys and girls, but an opportunity to bring Italian excellences to Kenya, from laboratory’s special machines to prime ingredients.


Alice Italian Food Academy is a real chance for Alice for Children’s boys and girls to learn a job and gain economic and social independency.

Why an Italian Food Academy in Kenya

The Academy aims to address unemployment in Kenya by creating a future for young people. This will be achieved through equipping the the youth with cooking skills in order for them to be competitive and earn a living for themselves.

Kibiku road, Utawala, 

P. O. Box 679 - 60600, Nairobi


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